Karachi, January 10, 2014 :

B.B. Mineral, an industrial mineral firm, processing Natural Lump and Natural Talc Powder got Halal Certification from Halal Research Council, Pakistan for its Natural Lump and Natural Talc product, processing and factory area

Natural Talc Lump and Natural Talc Powder is been used in consumable products like food and pharmaceuticals by 1 billion Muslims around the world where question for Halal status has become vital for manufacturing concerns

“This is an important step towards recognition of our product by Islamic Authority such as Mufti Raees Ahmed. The certification will help the company to export Halal product to Islamic countries and where Muslims resides.”Khawja Farhan Basir, Director KBA.
KBA deals in Industrial Chemicals and Industrial Minerals business based in Pakistan. Within the industrial chemicals the company indents, imports and distribute Industrial Chemicals which works as a Industrial Chemicals for industries to manufacture finish products. Within Industrial Minerals the company process, mill, distribute and export Industrial Minerals (Talc natural and powder) with Halal and ISO 9000 certification to various industries locally and abroad
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