In 2006, KBA decided to diversify into exports of industrial minerals, starting with natural talc. Natural talc is found in the border area of Pakistan and Afghanistan. Industrial minerals are geological materials which are mined for their commercial value, they are used as raw materials or as additives in a wide range of applications. Talc is used in as raw material in various industries which includes paint, food, pharmaceutical and more

Initially the operation was managed under Unilink Enterprises which was then institutionalized under the name B.B. Minerals. With substantial investment in mining and logistics, the operation was initiated to extract, sort and export the natural talc. Soon, a milling plant was setup by B.B. Mineral to mill the natural talc into talcum powder for local distribution & exports

Analyzing the global demand for talcum powder, a larger and more sophisticated unit was setup under the name Minerals Asia (Pvt.) Ltd. The venture turned out to be one of the most professional setup in the country. The milling plant has holistic infrastructure with sampling, laboratory testing, sorting, processing, milling and packing units all under one roof. This will enable buyers to dis-invest from the milling plant they had, hence, freed resources can be relocated to other business processes

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