(Late) Khwaja Bashir Ahmed, father of present-day Chairman Khwaja Basir Ahmed was a true entrepreneur and economist, migrated from Amritsar, India to Pakistan in 1947, a newly formed Muslim state. He immediately incepted an idea that national growth is solely dependent on industrial growth and being an economist and patriotic, he came to conclusion that industry will require seamless flow of Industrial Chemicals to grow and boost the national micro and macro economy. That was the moment when he setup a humble startup by name Amritsar Chemicals and Dyes, a Industrial Chemicals trading firm for industry and the nation and later started imports of Industrial Chemicals directly from the source

With the growing demand for Industrial Chemicals, it became vital to form alliance and serve the industry as a large group rather than working in isolation. In 1970 (Late) Khwaja Bashir Ahmed perceived an idea along with likeminded group to form “Pakistan Chemicals and Dyes Merchant Association” in order to give a platform to voice industrial concern and work collectively rather than in isolation

Within passage of time, the demand for raw material increased hence, in 1967 Khwaja Basir Ahmed was formed, initially as a trading of Industrial Chemicals and then as an imports of Industrial Chemicals from international manufacturers and distributors. In 1992, Khwaja Basir Ahmed became indenting house representing Industrial Chemicals manufacturers and suppliers around the world. Since then the group never turn back and achieved milestones one after another. Today KBA is an iconic company reflecting commitment, reliability and innovation in the field of Industrial Chemicals and minerals in Pakistan
KBA facilitate industrial needs through 2 divisions:
Industrial Chemicals
Industrial Minerals
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