Established as trading firm in 1967 for Industrial Chemicals and successively launched import business to import industrial Chemicals from overseas manufacturer and suppliers. In the year 1992, Khwaja Basir Ahmed with its competent and reliable services, got an opportunity to setup an indenting house to represent international chemical manufacturers and suppliers. By 2014, with competent services and teamwork, the iconic brand became a trusted name in Industrial Chemicals, managing portfolio of 400 plus Industrial Chemicals serving top industries in Pakistan
The relationship between the international raw material manufacturers and local industrialist was successfully adhered by maintain strict procurement terms and ensuring quality and timely service throughout all indenting stages
Our Sales force is committed to growth by reaching more and more industrial concern in diversified fields. Whilst, our sourcing department strive to source trusted manufacturer and supplier of quality and economical industrial chemicals and bring it to the country
With our team of experienced and qualified indenting staff, we work closely with the manufacturing industry to ensure the availability of Industrial Chemicals is on time, every time. We also offer trade consultancy to clients who needs support during customs and other legal matters pertaining to imports of Industrial Chemicals. Our efforts doesn’t ends here, we offer value addition services in area of legal (customs and taxes) and technical (storage and logistics) if require
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During 1990- 2000, KBA diversified its portfolio to import Industrial Chemicals and distribution network of warehouse and logistics to various manufacturing concern in the country. This required specialized team and professional services, which prompted to form Strategic Business Units (SBUs) namely Business Linkers, Inter Corp and Unilink Enterprises to serve different industry niche

The SBUs act as an integrated unit to reach various business units in diversified industrial sector to facilitate their short term and long term Industrial Chemicals needs
Some of the Salient Features of SBUs are:

Worked as a component of valued chain for industry i.e to be part of their long term strategic plan for their Industrial Chemicals requirement

Facilitate industry through various models which include imports, warehousing, logistics and distribution
Facilitate industry with short term and long term price freeze so that they can project the costing and fixed the selling price accordingly
Procure bulk quantities for small size consumer of Industrial Chemicals and deliver them as and when require
Support customers through customs and other trade and legal process
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