There are many industrial minerals found in the border of Pakistan and Afghanistan. Natural Talc is one of them. In 2006 KBA decided to diversify into Industrial Mineral which is used as a raw chemical in industry hence, initiated extracting and exporting Natural Talc under one of its SBU’s name: Unilink Enterprises and after 5 years ie in 2011, a separate company was established to solely manage the Industrial Mineral business under the name B.B. Minerals. Later B.B. Minerals also setup a milling plant to grind the natural talc. As the product is being used in consumables in many Islamic States, B.B. Mineral decided to get the product Halal Certified, which was evaluated and certified by Halal Research Council of Pakistan for Talc Lump and Talc Powder


Entire operation of B.B. Minerals is divided into two parts


B.B. Minerals process and exports natural talc

B.B. Minerals has also setup mill to grind natural talc to talcum powder which is locally distributed and exported abroad

With years of experience and industrial feedback B.B. Minerals has developed a unique processing for Processing for Natural Talc and Natural Talc to Talc Powder(click here to view detail)




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