After years of establishment, KBA has managed to equip with tools and backup to keep the operation running round the clock. We keep necessary spares and technically qualified engineer at site to ensure the processes is supervised and quality is not compromise at any level. With holistic operation it has become vital to ensure required tools and resources are made available to manage lab, factory and other section up and running without any breakups.

Concrete floors to bear heavy loads
Backup generator for nonstop round the clock working of plants, office & industrial equipments
Industrial lighting to enlighten every corner of workplace to carryout round the clock working, backup by generator
IP Camera's for surveillance
Skids steer loader
Fork Lifters
Tractor and hydraulic trolleys
Separators (separating machine fixed and movable)
Welding plants
Sieves (different sizes)
Computerize fixed weigh bridges for heavy loads and movable digital scales
Working equipments like hammer, steel, brush, spades, hand trolleys etc
Other equipment required for day to day business operations



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